Enhanced Newegg shopping with price comparison, price history charts, and more!
Shopping at Newegg™ has been a staple for the computer enthusiast for years, and comparison shopping those same exact products at Amazon™ and TigerDirect™ can sometimes be difficult. Built with the computer hardware enthusiast in mind, Hover Hound™ for Chrome and Firefox makes comparison shopping while at Newegg very simple. Hover Hound can accomplish this in several ways, while keeping your privacy and browsing experience at the forefront.
Price comparison. The extension will add an accessible green Hover Hound button to your browser that will allow you to check the same product at Amazon and TigerDirect. Clicking on this button will open a new tab to Amazon or TigerDirect's product page. You can hover over the green button and Hover Hound will provide real-time prices from Amazon and TigerDirect, along with an option to see price history charts for Newegg, TigerDirect, and Amazon.
Sleek price history charts. Zoomable, interactive price history charts allow you to see recent price movement for all three merchants simultaneously. Uncheck a merchant on the chart page to filter them out.
Email price alerts. You can choose to receive an an email when a product's price drops below your specified target price from all three merchants.
CPU benchmark comparison. On select CPUs, get a quick view of their PassMark™ benchmark scores relative to other CPUs you have recently browsed on Newegg.
Highly customizable. The extension will place an "H" icon in your URL bar (Chrome) or add-on bar (Firefox) while you are on Newegg. This icon allows easy access to the Hover Hound options page with a right click. Left clicking the "H" icon while on Newegg product pages will find that item at Amazon or TigerDirect and open their product page in a new browser tab.
Filter by Prime. For Amazon Prime members, you can filter Hover Hound results to only items at Amazon that have Prime Shipping. This will also apply to Hover Hound Real-Time Price. You may also apply a tax rate to Amazon Prime prices on the options page.
Convert your whole cart. Hover Hound can also take your entire shopping cart on Newegg and match each item to Amazon in one step. After clicking the Hover Hound button on your Newegg cart page, You will be sent to a Hover Hound cart conversion page from which you can add all matched items to your Amazon shopping cart. Your Hover Hound cart link will stay live for 3 months, so you can bookmark this URL and easily refer back to it at any time or share it with friends.
We also very much value user feedback! While we do our best to never mismatch products, we do get one wrong every once in a while. If we do, please simply right click on the Hover Hound button on the mismatching product page and you can tell us what we have gotten wrong. Once we know that, we can fix the mismatch or any other issue you might be seeing. Thanks for any help, feedback, or ideas for new features you would like to share. The enthusiast computer hardware community has helped shape Hover Hound tremendously and we are very thankful for this.
Hover Hound and BD Industries respect your privacy and have NO access to any of your tab information, browsing information, or any website data besides unencrypted data on newegg.com pages open in your personal browsing window.
Formerly known as NewZon.
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